Porn Toolkit

The Idea:

I don't want to write a manifest but I going to begin one.

One of the debt of the Internet is Free Porn, everybody is tired going from site to site, seeing infinite windows and banners and going to nowhere.
Just try Free Porn in any search engine to confuse the best page rank

Recently many sites appeared calming the anxiety a bit, one of them was P-Bot
The P2P buzz filled another bit.

But... It's not Enough!

Few months ago, after spending a lot of time clicking and clicking like a zombie I tried the simplest script using wget and after customizing some parameters finally it ran fine.

Yesterday, after running the script in my adsl line, 600MB of movies appeared magically, so I ask me: "If this tool was useful to me, why not share it?" so I share it.

Today, I release the second version of the bot.

This is just the beginning.

The First Script:

Download porntoolkit-0.1.0.tar.gz

It's amazing! just read the README file, run it, and enjoy the best videos.

Download porntoolkit-0.2.2.tar.gz

It's amazing! Download Python for your Platform, just read the README file, run it, and enjoy the best videos.

Best viewed with mplayer

Near Future:

An intelligent bot using the most sophisticated techniques of AI is under construction! The last version will be in the Sourceforge CVS.

Related Stuff

Porn Crawler has submitted his own crawler, it has the following propierties:
- Uses regexes to find URLs, which will include URLs hidden in javascript and URLs that are urlencoded and so forth.

- It uses a regex to determine if a file is a movie or not - no matter what the extension.

- Download movies of size greater than (to filter mini muppets!)

- It's written in Python too!

Contact: iggeres<at>yahoo<dot>es

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